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 Knud Mønster
 Brøndumvej 83, Hem
 7800 Skive
 Tlf. 40 32 20 90


In English

At Team Mønster we offer guaranteed quality training of your horse. It´s a statement we build on the results achieved year by year, which proves that our concepts works all the way trough.

All though, good results today is not a guarantee for good results tomorrow, so we are working hard every day to improve our knowledge to train horses, by studying relevant literature, travelling to the big races and talking to horsemen were we meet them.
In the same time we have a strong believe in our training concept, but only by developing and picking up the good bits we can go further.

Backbone in our training concept is gallop training in sand, interval training and lots of daily care of our horses. For the youth we believe that early and consistent training by jogging and interval training is the road to success.

Year by year our team has been in the forefront of danish trotting winning big races both national and international.

I have been a trainer since 1 of may 1993. Before that I have been working with horses and learned my lessons at e g. Stanley Dancer.

Training facilities

The Farm

570 meter long sand track for training in gallop with a climb of 15 meter from start to end. Straight track beside the sand track. 900 meter straight track with a climb of 30 meter from start to end. 1600 meter track to jog the horses and intervaltraining. Horsewalker and 14 acres of horsepens.

Skive Racetrack

800 meter racecourse. 600 meter straight track. 275 meter sand track. Lots of jogging tracks in the woods. Horsewalker and plenty of horsepens.

Horse feed

Whole oats and products from Marstall. As a supplement we give our horses garlic flakes, oil and carrots.

Price list

150 Danish Kroners pr. day plus VAT.

10% on earnings of own trained horses. 5 % on earnings from catchdriving other trainers horses.


Peter Østergård

How to contact us

Phone: 0045-40322090

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